Common Home Renovation Costs

We’re often asked by buyers about potential home remodel projects. How much would it cost to install hardwood? Is it expensive to replace the kitchen countertops? Could we add a bath? In King County, there is limited housing inventory and most buyers make tradeoffs when buying a home. Instead of paying a premium to have a perfect home, most buyers are able to find a home that they love at a much better price point knowing that they’ll make a few changes before they move in.

To help buyers that are currently shopping, here are the Seattle average costs of the most common projects that our buyers are asking about (sourced via

  • Paint Home Interior: $1,829
  • Remodel a Bathroom: $9,891
  • Install Wood Flooring: $4,432
  • Install A Skylight: $1,938
  • Hire A Moving Company: $959
  • Install Closet Organizers: $1,892
  • Refinish Harwood Floors: $2,084
  • Add A Wall: $2,172

If you’re looking at $500K homes in Seattle but don’t love the bathrooms, or flooring, or kitchens, I’d propose another question: Would you rather wait for your perfect home and end up paying $600K or pay $500K and have the opportunity to design and upgrade the home for $50-100K to match your tastes before you move in?

This is coming from a homeowner that is currently undergoing my own kitchen remodel!


PS – If you’re considering IKEA kitchens, I’d take a look at Inspired Kitchen Design. I just used them to design my kitchen (cost of $195) and they put together a package that I couldn’t have come up with myself!

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