What is 500,000 Miles Worth?

Since we launched, many people we’ve talk to about our business have been astonished by our proposition: earn one airline mile for every dollar you spend on your next home. It seems like almost daily we get asked, are you serious? How does that work? Well, let me reassure you, it’s simple. Buy a home using our platform and you can earn one mile on every dollar you spend (just like any other purchase).

The second most common question is, how much are these miles worth? Here’s my response:

The median house in King County sold for $500,000 in June of 2015. On Sunday, I planned how I’d use 500,000 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Miles and according to ThePointsGuy, Alaska Airlines has “one of the most valuable loyalty programs out there.” So how far does 500,000 go? Let’s just say, 500,000 miles on Alaska Airlines is A LOT of miles!

Steve’s 500,000 Miles Sample Trips:

Seattle to Dubai in First-Class Signature Cabin on Emirates (an Alaskan Partner): 180K miles (RT). Estimated Value: $32K

Seattle to Sydney in Qantas Business-Class Cabin. 110K miles (RT). Estimated Value: $8K

Seattle to Beijing on American Airlines. 70K miles (RT). Estimated Value: $2K

Seattle to Rio De Janeiro in in First-Class on American Airlines. 125K miles (RT)Estimated Value: $6K

WhereInTheWorld (1)

So there you have it, I estimate that 500,000 Alaska Airline miles could be worth $48K! And the truth is, it’s not even about the money. It’s about the places and adventures that the miles unlock. You can see the world with 500,000 miles or use them to for over 20 domestic round-trip flights (Estimated Value: $8K). The perfect honeymoon? A relaxing vacation after a long move? Visiting friends or family? All of these trips are easily within reach.

FlyHomes is ready to help you take on adventures that you never imagined. And the first one starts with your next home purchase. Get started now at Flyhomes.com!


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