What Is FlyHomes?

I helped my wife sell her house two years ago and then the two of us bought our first house together. Like many in our generation, we prefer to buy things on Amazon than to deal with sales agents in person. And similarly, we would have preferred to buy a home without having to deal with any real estate agents. In fact, we tried really hard not to! I searched for homes on Zillow and Redfin and purposely tried to attend open houses or call listing agents directly so that I did not have to talk to “buyer agents.” Ultimately, we found a house that we loved and we ended up having a real estate agent help us with the paperwork to make sure we didn’t screw it up. Everything went great but I couldn’t help but think there had to be a better and easier way to buy a home.

And that’s where the idea behind FlyHomes began (combined with the fact that I love to travel the world and earn frequent flyer miles). We’ve designed FlyHomes so that you can own your home buying experience. If you want to buy a home with minimal interaction with real estate agents, FlyHomes is the place for you. On FlyHomes you can search for homes, schedule visits, and even put an offer on a home using our platform. Our goal is to let you lead your buying experience while providing you access to a personal real estate expert for questions and coaching.

Buying a home is one if the biggest and most personal decisions you’ll ever make. You should be the one that owns this buying process, not a real estate agent, and we’re here to let you. We’ll stay out of your way unless you need our help! And in return for you owning you’re experience, we’ve partnered with Alaska AIrlines so that you earn airline miles for your entire purchase! Yep, we’re seirious. If you buy a $500,000 home, you can earn 500,000 airline miles.

Come checkout FlyHomes.com and see how simple the home buying process can be.


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