Triveso Is Now FlyHomes

Hello Triveso Fans!

Today is a great day in the history of our company. I’m proud to officially announce that we are changing our name and branding from Triveso to FlyHomes! What’s even more exciting, is that it’s not just our name that’s changing. We’ll have major product changes to announce really soon.

Triveso was started as a predictive data analytics company. Our goal was to help home owners really understand what was is the driving factor in their home valuations. With the ability to compare homes at a granular level and understand what is driving the differences in value, we thought we could dramatically improve the efficiency and trust in the home buying process.

We’ve been incredibly successful at building the algorithms we originally sought out to develop. Because our team was so awesome, our product became more than what we originally planned and Triveso just doesn’t do our new direction justice.

Stay tuned over the next few months. I think we might have a few surprises you might like!


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